2014 Engineering Forums

In an effort to bring our customers the top solutions in their industries, we brought together our global engineering teams three times in 2014. 

These events were held throughout the year in:

- Suzhou, China: March 25 & 26

- Kaunas, Lithuania: May 29 & 30

- Chicago, Illinois: October 14 & 15

One of our goals for the Engineering Forums was to recognize and celebrate the achievements of our engineering teams. To do this, we asked for peer nominations of teams across all of our industries and asked these groups to present their projects to their global colleagues.

Another goal was to build an additional cross-functional communication channel for our engineers to share their knowledge, experiences and achievements. It is very important for us to invest in our employees and to help them grow as professionals. We feel that collaborating and reaching out across different countries and industries can do just that.

Lastly, we were looking to provide our engineers with additional resources from top university professors and research institutions.

Watch a recap from our Engineering Forum: Suzhou, China

Engineering Forum: Kaunas, Lithuania

Engineering Forum: Chicago, United States