Littelfuse Product Catalogs

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Automotive and Commercial Vehicle Products

Aftermarket Catalog - Automotive and Commercial Vehicle
   Fuses & Fuseholders, Power Distribution, Relays, Solenoids and Switches
   ▶ PDF Download: English

Automotive Fuse & Fuse Holder Selection Chart
   A guide to selecting Littelfuse circuit protection for you DC automotive or
   commercial vehicle applications.
   ▶ PDF Download: English

Automotive Sensor Products Brochure
   A guide that answers to your Powertrain, Emissions, Chassis, Comfort &
   Convenience and Passenger Safety needs.
   ▶ PDF Download: English | Chinese

Passenger Car Catalog
   Circuit protection solutions for automotive applications
   ▶ PDF Download: English

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Electronics Products

   A guide to selecting Littelfuse circuit protection components for electronic applications.
   ▶ PDF Download: English 
   ▶ eCatalog: English

Electronics Fuseology Selection Guide
   A guide to selecting Littelfuse Fuse components for electronic applications.
   ▶ PDF Download: English
   ▶ eCatalog: English

 Electronics Fuseholder Product Selection Guide
   A guide to selecting Littelfuse Fuseholder components for
   electronic applications
   ▶ PDF Download: English

 ESD Product Catalog
   Protect against electrostatic discharge damage with Littelfuse
   ESD Suppression products
   ▶ PDF Download: English
   ▶ eCatalog: English  

 Power Semiconductor Selection Guide
    Find out more about Littelfuse's power semiconductors, including the simple, reliable IGBT modules and rectifier modules.
   ▶ PDF Download: English
   ▶ eCatalog: English

 Sensing Products Selection Guide
  Enhance the safety and reliability of your applications using
  advanced sensing technologies.
   ▶ PDF Download: English
   ▶ eCatalog: English

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Industrial Product Catalogs

  POWR-Gard Fuse Products Catalogs
   Circuit protection products for industrial applications
   ▶ PDF Download: English

 Protection Relays & Controls Product Catalog
   Protect electrical equipment used in mining, petrochem, HVAC/R,
   Water/Wastewater and general industrial applications.
   ▶ PDF Download: English | Spanish | Mandarin

  Solar Products Catalog
   Circuit protection products for photovoltaic applications
   ▶ PDF Download: English

 High-Speed fuse catalog
   Littelfuse high-speed (semiconductor) fuses protect critical power
   electronics from overcurrents that may cause damage to your equipment.
   ▶ PDF Download: English

  Surge Protection Devices Catalog
   Littelfuse surge protective devices (SPDs) safeguard components from transient overvoltage or surges by limiting the fault current to a load or the unit being protected.
   ▶ PDF Download:  English | Japanese