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11/30/2021 Fuseology Fundamentals IAEI Magazine

An important part of developing quality overcurrent protection is an understanding of system needs and overcurrent protective device fundamentals.

10/28/2021 Protecting Fast EV Charging Stations EE World Online

Several standards dictate safety measures that fast charging stations must employ.

10/25/2021 Protecting Fast EV Charging Stations Power Electronics Tips

Several standards dictate safety measures that fast charging stations must employ.

10/21/2021 How to Protect USB Type-C connectors from ESD and Overtemperature Electronics Products

Mobile device engineers can protect their designs by using TVS diodes to safeguard the USB lines and digital temperature indicators to protect the USB Type-C connectors.

9/29/2021 How to Protect Communication Ports from Unwanted Interruptions: Part 1 - Power Over Ethernet (PoE / PoE++) Embedded Computing Design

Designers often neglect to consider that electrostatic discharge (ESD) and power-line induced transients can impact the electronic circuitry not directly connected to the AC power line.

9/1/2021 Prevalent and Deadly: Electrical Shock Prevention Needs a Jolt of Change Plant Services

The continued reality around electrical fatalities requires more than PPE and safety training.

8/6/2021 Prevent Shocks to Your System: New technologies to help you mitigate electrical hazards Plant Services

Keeping pace with new and evolving technologies, practices, and standards for electrical safety is an ongoing endeavor.

8/2/2021 Battery Pack Protection Keeps EVs on the Road Power Electronics Tips

A few best practices for handling transients and over-currents help make electronic drivetrains more reliable.

7/22/2021 Designing Reliable 2- and 3-Wheel Electric Vehicles to Improve Air Quality and Reduce Environmental Impact Embedded Computing Design

Robust design of circuit protection, power control, and temperature management circuitry is key to long-term durability and safety.

7/22/2021 Designing Circuit Protection for Autonomous Driving Systems Electronics 360

Widespread adoption of autonomous vehicles cannot be achieved unless their electronic circuits are reliable and robust to electrical shocks.

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