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7/2/2020 Five Design Considerations For Thermal Protection Of USB Type-C Cables Sensors Daily

Today’s USB Type-C cables allow consumers to use them for charging battery-operated portable products at power levels up to 100W.

6/9/2020 Download EV Charging Product Guide for Designing Safer, More Efficient, and Reliable Charging Stations Charged Electric Vehicles Magazine

The adoption of electric and hybrid electric vehicles depends on a network of charging stations.

6/4/2020 Protecting Intelligent Outlets in Smart Homes Embeded Computing Design

Innovation in wireless and internet technology is converting common, non-intelligent devices into smart devices that help users leverage the Internet of Things (IoT).

4/1/2020 Custom Magnetic Sensor Guide for Appliance Applications Appliance & HVAC Report

The demand for energy efficiency and convenience is driving the application of sensor technology in the home appliance and white goods market.

3/31/2020 Arc-Flash Safety Survey Finds Need for Increased Safety Awareness Industrial Electrix

The hierarchy of controls framework is key to keeping workers safe from electrical hazards.

3/3/2020 The Art of Panel Design: Cost-Effective, Right-Sized Surge Protection PBSI

Panel design is an art. Panels that are well designed strike a balance between form, function, and cost.

3/2/2020 How to Improve Thermal Performance of Ignition IGBTs Power Systems Design

Higher rates of environmental pollution and demanding government vehicle efficiency regulations are driving new technology investments in transportation.

2/6/2020 Surge Protective Devices: Know What You’re Specifying Electric Smarts

Surge protective devices (SPDs) are critical components of any commercial or industrial electrical system.

2/6/2020 Don’t Forget Surge Protection in Your Next Plant Upgrade Electric Smarts

The need for surge protection isn’t a new issue for industrial facility managers.

2/3/2020 The Try-Before-You-Buy Route to Energy-Efficient Power Design Power Electronics Tips

The quest for greener energy production and consumption has put a premium on high-efficiency power circuitry.

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