Sustainability: Governance Overview

Empowering a sustainable, connected, and safer world.

Governance Structure

Our Board of Directors serves as a fiduciary to our stockholders and oversees the management of the company’s business. To fulfill its responsibilities, the Board maintains Corporate Governance Guidelines and various other governance documents.

As of July 1, 2021, our Board is comprised of nine directors, including seven of whom are independent in accordance with the NASDAQ listing standards. Supporting and embracing diversity starts at the highest level of our company, with our Board of Directors. Our Directors represent a diverse set of backgrounds, skillsets, industry experience, and areas of expertise. We have a balanced board composition, reflecting both new members who bring fresh perspectives and longer serving directors who bring continuity and experience to our business and the end-markets we serve. Information regarding each of our directors’ names, age, and business experience is included in our proxy statement filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Our Board of Directors

(as of July 1, 2021)

  • Members of the Board of Directors: 9
  • Independent Directors: 7
  • Lead Independent Director
  • Separate Chairman and CEO
  • Required Committees Consist of Entirely Independent Members
  • Regular Non-Management Executive Sessions
  • Mandatory Retirement Age: 75
  • Majority Voting in Uncontested Director Elections
  • Diverse Board Members (Race and Gender)
    • 22% female
    • 33% underrepresented minorities
  • Robust self-evaluation process
Ethics & Compliance Program

We recognize that in today’s world, the choices we make and the actions we take can have far-reaching consequences. We strive to have a positive impact in the world and be trusted as an organization that does business with Integrity. To build that trust, we prioritize open, honest, and candid communication with customers, suppliers, and stockholders.

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Anti-Bribery & Corruption

As a global company with operations in more than 15 countries, we take a firm stand against bribery and corruption. Our Anti-Bribery Policy has a strict prohibition on bribery, limits the provision or acceptance of items of a nominal value to or from third parties, requires legal department authorization to engage with government officials, and outlines due diligence and approval requirements for representatives who conduct business on behalf of Littelfuse. We also require contractual provisions in our commercial agreements that place anti-bribery compliance obligations on our third-party partners.

Regular training and communications on our Anti-Bribery Policy are provided to our Board of Directors, employees, and suppliers.

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Data Security

Our data security and privacy programs are built upon a people, processes, and technology framework that enables our global teams to work most efficiently. Our data security program is a critical function to ensure that the technology we utilize to make us efficient protects the most valuable information of our company and stakeholders.

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We are committed to protecting the privacy and security of the personal data of our employees, potential employees, suppliers, customers, and other business contacts. In addition to processing personal data related to our employees, we also process personal data for the purposes of marketing campaigns and relationship management with customers, suppliers, distributors, and sales representatives. The personal data is processed in accordance with our Privacy Policy that aligns with national and international data protection laws and regulations, including the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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Sustainable Supply Chain

Just as Littelfuse is committed to the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility and ethical conduct, we expect our business partners to embrace these same requirements. Our suppliers are expected to conduct business with us in accordance with the Labor, Health & Safety, Environmental, Ethics, and Management System principles outlined in our Supplier Code of Conduct, which is based on Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) standards.

We distribute our Supplier Code of Conduct and Supplier Quality Manual to all new suppliers and request their acknowledgement of our expectations. In 2020, all direct material suppliers were asked to certify their awareness of our Supplier Code of Conduct.

We strive to operate a reliable and responsible supply chain that is compliant with ISO9001, ISO 14001, and IATF16949 (for automotive products) requirements, as defined in our Supplier Quality Manual. Suppliers provide certificates of compliance to specific regulations including but not limited to Restriction on Hazardous Substances (ROHS), Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals (REACH), and Halogen-free.

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