Arc-Flash Relay Videos

How Do Arc-Flash Relays Work?

There are many reasons an arc flash can occur and Littelfuse Arc-Flash Relays can provide superior protection against its damaging results. Littelfuse market leading arc-flash relay designs deliver reliable, easy-to-install protection.

How Arc-Flash Relays Make Your Facility Safer

Arc-flash relays use reliable light detection to quickly sense an arc-flash and trip the circuit breaker in milliseconds.

5 Ways to Reduce Your Risk of Having an Arc Flash

Arc-flash events are dangerous and potentially fatal to personnel. Here are five ways to reduce your risk of arc flash.

Littelfuse AF0100 Arc-Flash Relay

The new Littelfuse AF0100 Arc-Flash Relay is mighty yet small. Delivers leading edge arc-flash technology at a size and price to make improved electrical safety accessible for everyone.

Littelfuse 60 Second Arc-Flash Relay Case Study

Learn how Littelfuse arc-flash relays can help you keep people and equipment safe.

Arc-Flash Protection Relay from Littelfuse: AF0500 Arc Flash Relay

Find out how the AF0500 Arc-Flash Protection Relay can help you protect people and equipment in virtually every industry and operating environment.