• Electrical Characteristics
    • Catalog # SL1002A350C
    • MIN Sparkover Voltage (V) 280
    • Nom DC Sparkover (V) 350
    • Max DC Spark over Voltage 420
    • Max Impulse Sparkover Voltage @ 100V/us (V) 500
    • Max Impulse Breakdown Voltage @ 1kV/us (V) 600
    • Capacitance (Co) (pF) 1
    • Impulse Discharge Current @8/20μs (kA) 5
    • DC Holdover Voltage (V) 135
    • Electrodes 2
    • Failsafe No
    • Moisture Sensitivity Level MIL-STD-750D/1021
  • Technical Resources
    • UR_QVGQ2_E128662

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