• Electrical Characteristics
    • Catalog # 1812L200/16
    • Hold Current (A) 2
    • Trip Current (A) 3.5
    • Max Voltage Rating 16
    • Max Fault Current Rating (A) 100
    • Max Power Dissipation (W) 1
    • Minimum Resistance (RMIN) (Ohms) 0.02
    • Max Resistance (R1max) (Ohms) 0.07
    • Max Time to Trip Current (A) 8
    • Max Time to Trip Time (Sec) 2
    • Operating Temperature (deg C) -40¦C - + 85¦C
    • Package Size 1812 (4532)
    • Typical Resistance (RTYP) (Ohms) 0.04
    • Mounting Method Surface Mount
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