• Electrical Characteristics
    • Catalog # SP3422-04UTG
    • Reverse Standoff Voltage (V) 5.0
    • Leakage Current (uA) 0.050
    • ESD, Contact Discharge (kV) +20/-10
    • ESD, Air Discharge (kV) +20/-10
    • Lightning Immunity (8x20us) 2.0
    • Clamping Voltage 13.5V@1A
    • Typical Capacitance (pF) 0.2
    • Package Size 5FC-uDFN
    • Channels 4
    • Mounting Method Surface Mount
    • Public part (Yes/No) Yes
    • Product Category Low Capacitance ESD Protection
    • Sample capable Yes
    • SBU SBU
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