• Electrical Characteristics
    • Catalog # SA11A
    • Reverse Standoff Voltage (VR) (Vso) 11
    • Watts (W) 500
    • Peak Pulse Current (Ipp) 10x1000 (A) 28
    • Breakdown Voltage (MIN VBR@IT ) (V) 12.200
    • Breakdown Voltage (VBR@IT) (V) 13.500
    • Ir @Vso( μA) 1
    • On-State Current (IT) (mA) 1
    • Max Temperature (deg C) 175
    • Max Clamp Voltage (Vc) (V) 18.2
  • Technical Resources
    • UR_QVGQ2_E230531

    • UL_QVGQ2_E230531

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