Menber's (Now Littelfuse) Overview Information

Menber’s Company Background

Menber’s Ltd. Was founded in 1965 and started out producing components for starter motors, distributors and alternators.

Menber’s (Now Littelfuse) produce and distribute worldwide, spare parts and electrical and electronic components for all types of vehicles, maintaining the role of world leader, particularly in the production of electrical connectors, coils and battery switches. Menber’s occupies an area of 40.000 square metres, 10,000 of which are covered, with a work force of around 200 employees.


These last years have been characterized by an ever greater technical specialization, a direct consequence of our will to remain at the forefront in our sector: we specialize in the realization of connectors for ABS and EBS brake systems for industrial vehicles, in wiring systems with central processor units for vehicles and in sophisticated, electronic battery switches for specific ADR use, perfectly aligned with the ever more demanding regulations for transport safety materials.

Products Range

Menber’s (Now Littelfuse) products are destined for the wheeled vehicle, earth moving machinery and nautical sectors.

They are subdivided into the following categories:

  • Electrical connections between vehicle and trailer 12V and 24V
  • Manual, electrical switches and spare parts for 12V and 24v electrical systems
  • Mechanical switches for industrial vehicles and site vehicles.   
  • Time-Delay relays for industrial vehicles and buses.
  • Electrical and electronic components for alternators and starter motors.

Production Cycle

Production originates and develops in different departments:

  • The machining department which utilizes the most modern transfer and CNC lathes;
  • The shearing department with presses from 20 to 160 tonnes, capable of producing precision nuts and bolts
  • The assembly department with automatic and semi-automatic machines for the assembly of the different components
  • The tooling department where the moulds and specific tools are constructed
  • The thermoplastic injection department equipped with modern injection presses
  • The warehouse for raw materials, semi-worked materials and purchased parts which guarantee maximum production flexibility. 

At the end of the production cycle the finished products, after careful checking, flow into the shipping department for timely forwarding to the client.

Research and Development

Menber’s (Now Littelfuse) believes in innovation as a way of thinking: the needs of our clients are the driving force of our continuing research.         

  • Product design and personalization
  • Quality and Certification Systems
  • Development strategies.

In addition to the highest level of “know-how” within Menber’s (Now Littelfuse), is also capable of designing and developing products to its client’s specifications.  The Research and Development department arranges an official projection in which every phase of the project is managed by dedicated, sophisticated, latest generation software and also by laboratories equipped with the most up to date equipment capable of testing the products to the highest specifications. 

The tests carried out in the laboratories allow the testing and certification of the products: Menber’s (Now Littelfuse) quality control system is in continuous evolution and is currently certified to ISO 9001 Company Quality Control Systems, ISO/TS 16949 Quality Management System – Automotive Sector, and ATEX Certification of Suitability for the Production of Components for use in Explosive Environments.  The production plant further includes the product-engineering sector, which deals with the study and realization of the actual plant and machinery for the manufacture of the products.

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