Gigabit Ethernet

Circuit Protection of Ethernet - Gigabit

Design Notes:

Protection Application:
The data signals used in an Gigabit Ethernet communications are 2Vp-p with maximum data rates of 250Mbps. At these data rates, the capacitance and linearity of the suppressor needs to be taken into account. The signal lines to be protected include T+/- and R+/-.
Solution Description:
As shown at the left, a bridge circuit is used with a biasing network to achieve the needed low capacitance and linearity. The diodes are industry standard parts available from multiple vendors including Vishay. The P0080SCMC SIDACtor® device is used as the protection element. The TeleLink fuse is always used.
Companion Solutions:
Other solutions within the Littelfuse portfolio exist in addition to these recommendations. Some short haul applications can use a simple P0642SA SIDACtor® device without the bridge circuitry.
Regulatory Issues:
This solution is designed to comply with Telcordia’s GR-1089 inter-building and intra-building requirements.
Unique Features:
This patent pending solution has been found to outperform LC-03-like devices, especially at higher temperatures and can usually be implemented at lower cost.
Application Warnings:



  • P0080SCMCL

    DO-214AA SC MicroCapacitance(MC) SIDACtor® Device

  • TeleLink®

    Surface Mount surge resistant fuse

  • 04611.25

    TELELINK® Surge Tolerant Surface Mount Fuse